Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Home of Our Own

Many of you know that we had been living with my in-laws for the last year and 9 months. It can be so hard to have two separate families under the same roof. I am forever grateful to my in-laws and all that they put up with for the time we were there. I know it was hard at times for both of us. Anyways, luckily, we finally have a home of our own again. We are back at the lamplighter apartments. I know it is not a house, but I am just so grateful to have a place to call our own again. I told Mese that I would stay for the next ten years if we had to. Hopefully that won't be the case. So I guess I just have a fetish with taking pictures of my kids while in the bath. I know you can't really tell that it is a new bathroom, but it's all the pictures I have right now of the new place. Our kids adjusted really well to their new room, thankfully. They love having space for their toys and I love that they have their own closet and I don't have to share mine. Well, they still have to share theirs with the food storage, but they don't know the difference. I love it. Hopefully we can eventually get everyone over for dinner some time.