Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Never Judge a Book By It's Cover.

Look at this man. Yes I said 'MAN'. What do you notice about him? I see sloppy red hair and freckles. Looks like a teen who never quite grew out of the awkward stage. He is the epitome of geekiness. Or maybe that's his allure. He is Brett Dennen.

Having been home taught his whole life by his parents afforded him the opportunity to hone his musical and songwriting skills. The same skills that would one day help him to create such beautiful (and subtly sexy) songs including "Ain't Gonna Lose You", a haunting one - sided tale of a man struggling to hold on to the the ever fraying thread that holds him and his love together. His work has helped him to be considered a musical genius by many including the folks over at Rolling Stone.

Then there's that voice. That voice. It's like the audio equivalent of introducing a new and delicious taste to your tongue that lingers comfortably, well after the meal has ended. There is a soulfulness to it and a confidence in his ability that would make you believe what he's saying. He does dabble in the political realm but manages to get his message across without being overbearing.

One evening a few years back, while playing a local venue, another musical genius happened upon that particular show and after being completely immersed in Brett's music, he invited Brett to join him on tour for a few shows. The new fan's name? John. Last name, Mayer.

I specified the word 'man' earlier because it was difficult for me to believe that this baby faced song wizard is 30 years old. Does he look 30 to you? Honestly he looks like an ugly 16 year old girl, but his music is beautiful which makes him beautiful. He is amazing and pleasantly surprising on many different levels. Anyway I have added a couple of his songs to my music player below (#'s 1 & 2). Enjoy the musical offerings of Brett Dennen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Training Sucess

I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but we have had three days in a row with very successful potty training with Marlowe. She has had a few accidents, luckily, for me, the one who has to clean up the mess, it's only been #1. Today she actually started telling me that she had to go rather than me taking her every hour or so. She even did #2 on the potty during one of those times when she told me she had to go. This is probably way too much info., but I can't help it. I am so excited. I started training her at 18 months and I so hope she sticks with it this time so I don't have to deal with 3 kids in diapers when baby Gweny comes. I'm sure some of you out there know how I feel.

A special thanks to Daddy, also, who got involved and caused the success we are having.