Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crib Wanted

I am looking for a crib. I keep checking all the thrift stores and the D.I. because we can't afford a brand new one right now, but I haven't had much luck. I was given one way back when I found out I was having Marlowe, but it was put in storage and now we can not find any of the hardware for it. Can't remember where I put it. Anyway, I thought I would just put it out there so that if anyone knows of one, let us know and we can make an offer, or something. Thanks for your help.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The New Nursery Leaders

As of three weeks ago Mese and I are the new nursery leaders for the senior nursery in the Banning ward. I know to some it may seem like the worst calling in the world and, I admit, for a few moments I had some hesitation. We were called the same week that our son, Mason, turned 18 months. I had been waiting for that week to come for about four months. I just wanted to be able to get some spiritual uplifting out of sunday school and relief society again. But, not much to my surprise, I have been spiritually uplifted so much more than I ever expected to be in the last two weeks that we have been with these beautiful children. I love being with them. Just their smiles seem to make my heart burst. It's nice for me to see that they are enjoying what we are doing. I feel successful. The little lessons are so simple and basic, but that almost makes them that much more powerful. I kinda wish it could all be that simple.
I love working with my husband. It helps me to see him in a whole new light to see him get down on these kid's level and play with and love them. Of course, I get to see him do it at home with our kids all the time, but there's just something so touching to see it with kids other than his own. I'm not surprised, just reminded how wonderful he is and why I love him so much. He is so excited to learn the songs that go along with each lesson on his guitar and to play and sing them each week. The kids looooove it.
I love our new calling. I love serving and teaching and being taught by your kids each week. They are such a joy. I see even more clearly now why Jesus said we should "become as a little child."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My wonderful, talented, and amazing husband...

This post is so that every one of my friends and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this page for whatever reason, will know that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world or at least in the city of Banning on the north west corner of the Lamp Lighter Apartments. We have made an agreement that if he would cook all of our meals, I would clean. He was quick to jump at that offer - quick like a stallion. Speaking of stallions he is probably as strong as a stallion. He is so talented too... Okay. This is Mese. The real reason behind me commandeering my wife's blog is to let YOU know that I have updated and completely made over my blog. CHECK IT OUT HERE!!! Oh, and by the way, I AM as strong as a stallion FYI.